ACV & Cinnamon Update!

Recently, I posted about my recent weight loss after my second son.

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I have recently been asked questions, that I feel like would be helpful. I also have tried something different that I would like to share. Please feel free to comment. 

Something New: I have noticed by adding lemon to the mixture, I notice I burn fat.

Current Weight: 137.9

Q: Did you add the cinnamon to the ACV?

I add a capful of ACV into the water first than 2 pinches of cinnamon into the water. I have never mixed them together prior to adding to water. I have thought about an ACV shot with 1 pinch cinnamon & a squeeze of lemon in the morning. 

Q: Do you drink a normal 16 Oz water?

You can use whatever size you want but, think of how much your body needs – 64oz per day. I have a 64oz water bottle I got from Dollar Tree that, I fill up once, adding the capful of ACV & 2 pinches of cinnamon. This one bottle will last me throughout the day, there are days where I will fill my bottle with plain water after finishing the mixture. (I hate calling it that but, it is a mixture) I only do this once per day if that. 

Q: What does this combo do?

Apple cider vinegar helps with cholesterol helps to burn fat, cinnamon helps with the same thing, as well as blood pressure

Q: Does it help your metabolism?

It does I notice I am not as hungry, when I drink the mixture throughout the day. 

Q: Do you drink the combo in morning or at night?

I usually fill my water bottle in the morning, I have tried the mixture once at night  warm. I felt like “I woke up feeling lighter” – I feel like that sounds funny but, it is true. I felt like I could feel a difference, in the mirror was a slight different not much. 

Q: With the apple cider vinegar are you in the bathroom a lot?

Truly no, it does regulate you I will say. But, I was not consistently in the bathroom. 

Q: Have you ever tried the mixture hot?

Yes, I tried it at night right before bed. I warmed water in the tea pot, poured into a tea cup added capful acv, 2 pinches cinnamon & a squeeze of lemon. As I said in the answer prior, I felt lighter the next morning. It is something I would recommend when feeling bloated.

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